John Marshall

Alias - Johnny Ballgame, Johnny Pornstache, CrackPimp, Uncle Texas, John Putman, Rubber Tough, Johnny Everything, Captain Tupperware, HotCarl.
Hobbies \ Interests - Porn Research, Ass Kicking, Hot Bubble Baths, Acid Trips, Beating his 4 girls, Road Rage
Favorite Music video - Tra La La Videos Tra La La

Jeff Smith

Alias - Strain , Squiggy, McLuvin, Grizzly Bear, Hot Garbage Breath
Hobbies \ Interests - Built in Wool Sweaters, Being Surely, Cougar Chasing, Balcony Posing
Favorite Sports Team - Captain Tupperware

Ryan Leonard

Alias - Lenny, Food Stamp, Dial-a-Ride, Gay Head
Hobbies \ Interests - Anything Gape, Acting Macho, Home Shopping Network
Interesting Fact - Ryan was in a gay marraige & had an anal baby

Kevin Augar

Alias - Gay Kevin, Marlbro Breath, Butt Nugget
Hobbies Interests - Golfing as fast as humanly possible. Quality time with Tom Lamphere. Joining John Marshalls fan club.
Favorite Food - Cigerette Butt Soup.

Mike Thayer

Alias - Thayer, Bubble Butt, Man Toe, Mr. 3wood, Rookie.
Hobbies \ Interest - Following the JPI, Hostile Take Overs, Shoppin at K-mart, Sniffing Glue.
Interesting Fact - Mike has a season pass to White Castle

Derek Stone

Alias - Dr. Stone, No Show, Stegman, Fred Bear, Power Hook.
Hobbies \ Interests - Farmville, Cuddeling with Strain
Hunting for coons.
Interesting Fact - McVittie grad from 1984 & is too cool for you.

Eric Lamphere

Alias - Big E, Galoot, Eric D, Lurch, Meat
Hobbies \ Interests - Cooking, Taking up space, Arguing, Dry Snorkeling , Schooling at Fantasy Sports
Little known fact - Eric adds racing fuel to his home made, super cheese sauce

Jerry Mutual

Alias - Of Omaha, Pocket Rocket, Tin Cup, Pumpkin
Hobbies \ Interests - Glory Holing, Punching the Clown, Hair Pie, Rosie O'Donnel, collecting horse apples.
Favorite Sport - Cock Fencing

Tim Michaels

Alais - Pony Boy, Cheddar Bob, Pugsly, MoonBeam.
Hobbies \ Interests - Being Large & In Charge, Bobbing & Weaving, Having golf fits, Wearing his hockey helmet 24-7.
Dislikes - Working with Garbo, Growing a mustache.

Tony Acree

Alais - Rico, Part-Time, Cabbage Patch, Stromboli Tony.
Hobbies \ Interests - Pork Pulling, Break Dancing, G.Q. Fashions, Taking people out! Stomping Jocks.
Interesting Fact - Tony gets more pie than Sara Lee.

Eric Beauchamp

Alais - Half-Stack, Ziper-Neck, Taco Breath, Toolbox, Butt-Nugget.
Hobbies \ Interests - Dutch Ovening Himself, Studying his hooked on phonics, Fancying himself a poker player.
Early Home Video - Little Superstar

Bob MacMillan

Alias - Country Club, Bobby Scratch, MacLuvin, Copper Top, MacMulligan
Hobbies \ Interests - Taking money from unknowing golf chumps, Allways having 2 tickets to the gun show
Mooching off of Marshall
Favorite Pastime - Hunting for golf balls