Jeff Garbovits

Alias - Bobo, ThunderButt, Shabadoo, LeRoy
Hobbies Interests - My Space, Soft Gay Music, Panicking, Releasing Gas, Getting yelled at by DWall.
Unknown Talent -

James Tippin

Alias - Bull, Jim Fence, Canoe Jim , Sausage Fingers, BlockHead
Hobbies Interests - Helping Bonnett deplete world's beer supply, Fencing the world,
Ballet, Sega Golf, Repairing Golf Clubs, Jogging like Forrest Gump.
Favorite Porn Movie - Schindler's Fist

Steve Maas

Alias - Man from, Moon Head, Gigantor.
Hobbies \ Interests - Prison Pen-Pals, Tupperware Party's, Booger Picking
Dislikes - Birdies, Bringing PR's, John Marshall

Jim Madill

Alias - Jimmy Bullett, McGill, Jimothy, Dino, Mr. Hill
Hobbies \ Interests - Winning Golf Leagues, Goofy Pictures, Pounding Nerds, Soap Operas.
Hero - Fabulous Sports Babe

Dave Carmean

Alias - DC, CarMichael, Big Ragoo, Fence Chump, Dodge Ball Head.
Hobbies \ Interests - Girl's Panties, Soft Porn, Cock Rings, Writing Poetry, Masturbating.
Dislikes - Losing at cards, Anything Steve Bonnett says, Modesty.

Gary Houstina

Alias - Tiger, HomeTeam, Houschnizzel.
Hobbies \ Interests - Being loud, Breeding Women, Long phone conversations with Gill,
Representing Jayno Adams, American Idol.
Dislikes - Grayson Eagles, Quiet Time, Slow Drivers, Working in the winter.

Robert Wood

Alias - School Boy, Junior, Fabio, Cotton Chops.
Hobbies \ Interests - golfing with Dad, Tax auditing himself, Googleing.
Favorite Car - 1988 Geo Metro

Gill Mack

Alias - Mac & Cheese, Lucky, Potbelly, Vanilla Slice, Mouth Chiklets.
Hobbies \ Interests - Food, Gambling, Food, Golf Handicapping, Italian Food,
Wrestling with Dave Carmean, and Food.
Interesting Fact - Bought 7lb. cell phone in 1985 and thought he was cool.

Nick Kovalick

Alias - Jesus, Captian Lame-O, D-Bone, Loud Mouth
Hobbies \ Interests - Pocket golf, Hide the kielbasa, Volunteering at the whoppy bowl, nerd bashing.
Favorite Band - The Wiggles

Brentluiscious Wirthapopolis

Alias - Girth, Bdubb, Winner, Cadillac, Incognito, Sir Brentluiscious Wirthapopolis.
Hobbies \ Interests - Saving the World.. One loser at a time, Brushing his teeth, Fancy Hair Do's, Anything George Michaels.
Interesting Fact - Brentluiscious is big-time into tiddlywinks

Dennis Wall

Alias - Fruit Bowl, Uncle D, Captain Waterford, Mr. Life Advisor, Shrek.
Hobbies \ Interests - Brushing his hair, Straightening out Garbo, Convincing people to golf, Life Coaching, Fucking up the score card.
Interesting Fact - Dennis golfs 2,418 time a year.

Bob Wood

Alias - Bobby Rulebook, Wood Chuck, South Paw, Mr. Stickler
Hobbies \ Interests - Altar Boying, RVing around the globe
Bird watching, Tea cup rallies
Interesting Fact - Bob Spent 12 years at Jackson Prison for Coupon Fraud.